Activities list:

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Control and regulation of supply

Measures which aim to limit young people’s opportunities to participate in addictive behaviours by restricting the production and sale of substances or the provision of gambling services

Gambling/substance-free zones

Statutory measures that ban (young) people from participating in addictive behaviours in certain locations. For restrictions on where alcohol and tobacco may be sold and gambling services offered, see the section on control and regulation of supply. For voluntary (smoking) bans, see the sections on prevention (for schools) and harm reduction (for self-imposed restrictions at home).

Age limits

Measures that define a legal minimum age that young people must reach to be able to participate in addictive behaviours.

Taxation and pricing

Control of taxation and pricing to reduce young people’s participation in addictive behaviours

Warning labels

Labelling of addictive goods and services with (health) warnings

Prevention programmes

Prevention programmes implemented with schools pupils, families and/or communities

Treatment and social reintegration

Intervention in populations that are treatment-seeking or meet diagnostic criteria for dependence. Social reintegration interventions are those that aim to integrate former or current problem drug users into the community

Harm reduction

Approaches which do not necessarily seek to prevent or reduce young people’s participation in addictive behaviours per se, but whose primary aim can be seen as the reduction of harms resulting from young people’s own or others’ participation in addictive behaviours.